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Mastering the Art of Airskierg
 Airskierg The Rug and Rig Airskierg, is an excellent piece of fitness equipment that can help you elevate your fitness journey. It is designed to mimic the motion of cross-country skiing, which is known to be one of the most demanding of all sports, offering a full-body workout that combines both strength and endurance training.   Here's how you can unlock your potential with the SkiErg and take your fitness to the next level:   Full-Body Workout : The Rug and Rig Airskierg engages your arms, legs, and core, providing a comprehensive workout that can improve overall muscle strength and...
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Christmas Gift Ideas for Fitness Buffs
It's that time of year when shopping goes into overdrive and we're all hustling to find out what to get everyone on our list. I’m taking a new approach to gifting this year. Let's begin with this year's gift guide for the fitness + health fanatic! Working out at home is one of the most convenient methods to get some exercise into your daily routine. However, with such a large range of home gym equipment available, deciding what is ideal for you and your space may be tough. We've compiled a list of the top home gym equipment to help...
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Make the most of your exercise at home with a Power Rack
Welcome to the world of home gym! One of the most important pieces of equipment you'll need is a power rack or squat rack. This handy equipment is designed to help you perform a variety of exercises safely and effectively. In this guide, we'll explore the benefits of power racks and squat racks, the different types available, and how to choose the right one for your needs. Whether you're a seasoned lifter or just starting out, a power rack or squat rack is an essential investment for your home gym. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about...
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How can air bikes add value to your home gym
Are you looking for a way to level up your home gym game? Are you tired of the same old treadmill routine and want to try something new? Look no further than an air bike. These versatile machines are becoming increasingly popular among home gym owners, and for good reason. Not only do they provide a killer workout, but they also offer exceptional value for their price. So, what exactly is an air bike? Think of it as a cross between a traditional exercise bike and a fan. The harder you pedal, the more resistance you will feel because the...
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Why Should I Get Kettlebells For My Home Gym?
When it comes to home gym staples, kettlebells usually aren’t the first thing that comes to mind. Instead, you might be thinking of dumbbells or their adjustable dumbbell version, racks or even your sleek 10-angle adjustable bench. So, why should you get a kettlebell? A lot of kettlebell exercises can be replicated by dumbbells, and the muscles used can also be worked doing exercises of greater weight with your bar and plate set. Really, kettlebells seem almost unnecessary in comparison. However, despite these misgivings, kettlebells have a few very specific exercises and benefits that you don’t want to miss out...
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Best Gift Ideas For Your Home Gym This Christmas
The gifting season is upon us! Maybe you’re looking for something within budget. Something reasonable like $50. Or maybe it’s a big milestone. Perhaps you just want to get the right price for the right present. Maybe this year just warrants a truly… celebratory spend. Whatever it is, we’ve got some ideas for you. If you’re gifting fitness equipment, you’re probably either ready to spend big or spend small. From racks and adjustable dumbbells to even a small landmine attachment or kettlebell, we’ve got you covered. You might not be intending to build an entire home gym from scratch (or...
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Budget Home Gym Ideas - Get Your Home Gym Equipment Under Budget
It goes without saying that home-gyms are an investment. You’re spending time and money setting up an area to work on your fitness goals, whether that be growing stronger, or losing weight, recovering from an injury and so on. From cleaning out your garage or spare room, to deciding if you need dumbbells or kettlebells. But that doesn’t mean that your home gym is out of reach. In this article, we’ve designed a few home gym bundles that you can grab under a budget. Check them out below:   80KG Bar and Plate Set Includes black Olympic Bumper Plates in...
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How to Build Your Home Gym Bundle
Customise your home gym bundle with our Custom Bundle app, now live.       RACKS The centre piece of your home gym. Choose from our selection of racks, each with their own unique features. Each of them comes with 1 year warranty and are built for safety and security. Made of steel and completed with a black-powder finish, these racks are meant to last you a lifetime. The Compact Adjustable Dumbbell Stand for 32KG is a specialised stand for your Compact Adjustable Dumbbells. Weighing 5kg, this unit is 0.75m tall, and 0.65m by 0.59cm when fully assembled. This stand...
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How To Pump Up Your Glutes Exercises and Get a Stronger Butt - a Rug and Rig Fitness Guide
This week, we had a look at what equipment you might need to pump up your glute exercises and get a stronger butt. When it comes to home gym solutions, the same old bicep curls or rows, pull-downs and extensions aren’t the end-all be-all. When you have a specific goal, it’s good to narrow down your exercises and workout routine into something manageable. You don’t have to spend the big bucks for a bench package – just make sure you have the right equipment to meet your needs. With that in mind, glutes! What are they? To start off, your...
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5 Home Gym Essentials, Beginner or Advanced
If you’re looking to grab five essentials for your home gym on a budget, we’ve got you. We specialise in adjustable fitness equipment like adjustable dumbbells, adjustable benches and more. So, if you’re a just a beginner on a budget or an advanced fitness junkie who knows how much you can bench, you’re in the right place. As a quick contents: Compact Adjustable Dumbbells Resistance Band Set Rubber Flooring Jump Rope Gym Rings     Compact Adjustable Dumbbells The first, and most versatile item on your shopping list is free weights. While you can choose between kettlebells or dumbbells, the...
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A quick and easy guide for adjustable dumbbells
Adjustable dumbbells started getting popular when people realised that having dozens of different dumbbells took up a lot of space. The more increments, the more space needed. Thus, people started innovating new ways to make a dumbbell change its resistance and weight. Early iterations included spring grips, globe dumbbells, and eventually chrome plates and so on. Adjustable dumbbells have been refined constantly over time, optimised for home-use and now they are one of the best additions for your home-gym. There are three main things you should look out for when picking and choosing your adjustable dumbbells: Increments Minimum and maximum...
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What is Calisthenics and What Can It Do For My Home-Gym Workout?
Calisthenics is but one of many types of strength training. Specifically, it uses your own bodyweight, without any equipment. This includes repetitive motions such as push-ups, squats, crunches, or even the agonising burpees, wherein you are essentially fighting gravity through these exercises through push and pull (or jump, bend, and twist). Sometimes, this is done on bars and rings, but isn’t entirely necessary. These exercises build muscle, stamina, flexibility, and overall fitness. Calisthenics originated from physical education programs in the 19th century, with gymnastics exercises at its core. Competitively, it shares similarities with dance and gymnastics routines, in that it...
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Home-gym? What about on-the-road gym? Here is some portable gym gear you can try!
There’s all this talk about gym-bros and home-gyms. There seems to be this ongoing not-quite-feud between these two factions, wherein you either gym from home or at your local gym. However, today, we wanted to move away from all that and explore the notion of an… outdoor-gym-bro. And no, I don’t mean these huge ‘portable gyms’ or huge Power Racks that need to be assembled and disassembled each time. While they’re great for personal trainers bringing everything from plates to racks to massive cable and cardio machines, as a normal person with a normal gym schedule, it’s a bit too...
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What are the different types of workouts and their suitability?
When deciding what kind of workout you want to do, you should first know what you want to gain from it. Workouts are essentially just a set list of exercises (and variations) that strengthen certain areas of the body. Of course, there’s the reps, sets and weird faces you make as you get more and more tired, but there are three (arguably four or five or six) main areas that you might want to focus on to meet your goals. In this article, we will outline the three main types of exercises, other names that they might go by, the...
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Barbell Loading: How Much is Too Much?
If you’re new to the gym scene, then you might look at a barbell and immediately think, it’s a metal stick! And you’re not exactly wrong. That’s what they are: a long metal bar(bell). However, when you start using them, start loading heavier and heavier weights on them, it’s important to understand that a barbell isn’t infallible. If you load a barbell beyond its capacity, you’ll quickly find that your barbell won’t last very long – or you’ll just have a bent one very soon. Of course, barbells are meant to take a lot of weight, but if its beyond...
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5 Home Gym Myths, Busted!
  Training from home has never been more popular, with a lot of us being in some sort of lockdown. You will find some kind of training equipment in most people's homes these days. Whether it's a set of dumbbells and skipping rope, to a fully decked out home gym consisting of squat racks, benches and kettlebells. Most of us are getting onboard with the idea of training from home. We have learnt a lot about home gyms in recent years. Today we will debunk the top 5 myths around home gyms. 1. You need a lot of space. A...
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Kettlebells Vs Dumbells
  The question asked around gyms and fitness facilities around the world: Which one is better - Kettlebells or Dumbbells? Let’s take a closer look at the history and what makes both unique. Dumbbells Dumbbells date back to almost 2000 years ago. In ancient Greece, they invented a piece of equipment called a 'haltere'. This was a crescent-shaped stone with a handle. This was the predecessor to the dumbbells we know and love today. Arguably the biggest step forward dumbbells took, was when Istvan Javorek created his 'Javorek's Complex' in the 1980’s. This made dumbbells very popular amongst the mainstream. Go check this...
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5 Things You Get Away With When You Lift at Home
Working out in your own garage versus working out in a commercial gym has its' unique perks. Here's what happens when you can lift like no one's watching. 1. Selfies for days! No longer will you need to look over your shoulder to see if someone's watching as you take that perfect gym selfie. You can also take as many as you like until you find that well-lit, perfect angle for your Insta! 2. No longer waiting for someone to finish their set Nothing sucks more than having your momentum stopped in its tracks when you have to wait for a...
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Top 5 Barbell Exercises for a Great Physique
The foundation to a great exercise program is the barbell. The list of what you can do with one is almost endless but here at Rug & Rig, we have put together our top 5 for you to have a play with in your home gym. 1. Overhead Press We are going to start the list with a compound movement that should be a part of everyone’s workout routine. Whether you are looking to drop some weight and get lean, or if you want to pack on the muscle, the barbell overhead press is something you should not look past.  To...
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Logical Benefits of Owning a Home (Garage) Gym
Do you ever think of setting up your own gym? Will you really use it -if you buy it? would that squat rack just be another expensive coat hanger? Or Will this hold you accountable for getting in your days workout and make excuses for exercising a thing in the past? Raise of hands if you have put a side gym for the day and convinced your self you’d go for a quick walk instead and that’ll give you the same benefit? Just because the gym is a 15 min drive away? Guilty! If you are feeling stuck between these...
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10 Things you need for a Home Gym
  If you are thinking about setting up your home gym, you are not alone! We have a large number of active home gym enthusiast  who are looking to do the same. There are lots of equipments you can find in the market but your budgets are limited. You would want to keep it compact and within your budget. Here are 10 items you need to get started:   1. Dumbbells  2. Kettlebell 3. Pull-up bar 4. Rings 5. Jump rope 6. Medicine ball 7. Plyo-box 8. Barbell 9.Weight plates 10. Music
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