5 Things You Get Away With When You Lift at Home

Working out in your own garage versus working out in a commercial gym has its' unique perks. Here's what happens when you can lift like no one's watching.

1. Selfies for days!

No longer will you need to look over your shoulder to see if someone's watching as you take that perfect gym selfie. You can also take as many as you like until you find that well-lit, perfect angle for your Insta!

2. No longer waiting for someone to finish their set

Nothing sucks more than having your momentum stopped in its tracks when you have to wait for a machine or squat rack to be free. Home gyms give you the benefit of never having to play the waiting game. This also means you can super set like crazy and not have to stress about someone getting in the way and stealing the machine you were using.

3. Listen to any music you like…and sing along too

Who doesn’t love to sing in the shower? Who doesn’t love to sing in their car on the way to work? Now you can add your home gym to that list of places you love to sing in. Put on your favourite tunes and rock out as much as you like. It will help pump you up even more for your next set!

4. No intimidation!

Walking into a gym can be quite intimidating. Not to mention you might feel rushed when others are eyeing out your equipment. Gyms can get quite busy and loud, and sometimes hearing people grunting and screaming through their deadlifts and squats can be quite unnerving. At home, all of those nerves and fears are gone. Train at your pace, at your own intensity (and without the extra sound effects). 

5. Choose your layout

With a home gym, you're in control of how it looks and feels. Everything from Rug & Rig is so easy to put together and move around that you will have an absolute blast designing your own personal space to reach your goals.

Squat racks, benches, kettlebells and much more. No matter what your fitness goals are, Rug & Rig has what you need to reach them! 


Rug & Rig are committed to bringing you quality equipment at affordable prices. To bring the full gym experience to the comfort of your home, check out our huge range and shop with confidence! Our hands-on team are ready to help if you have any questions on getting the most out of your training.

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