Rug + Rig Financing

At Rug and Rig, we understand that spending a lot on fitness equipment can be a little daunting. So that’s why we’ve partnered with Buy Now Pay Later companies to help make your gear more affordable and secure. Pick your payment method at check out!  

See below for the payment options we offer. 


 Afterpay Logo


Shop with Afterpay 

  • Pay in 4 instalments every 2 weeks. Pay your first instalment at purchase and the rest over a 6-week period. 
  • Completely interest free with no fees when paid on time. Afterpay will send reminders and a payment schedule. Instalments are interest free, and only late repayments have fees. 
  • Instant approval. You’ll know if you’re approved in seconds. Orders will be processed like any other form of payment. 

For more information, check out their website


Zip Pay Logo


Shop with Zip Pay

  • Choose between a big purchase account or everyday spending account. Get up to $5,000 worth of fitness equipment with a big purchase account or up to $1,000 with an everyday account. 
  • Your everyday purchase account is interest free and flexible with repayments. Schedule your repayments your way from $10 a week. Sign up here with no establishment fee! Monthly account fees are $7.95 but will be waived if your statement closing balance is paid! Learn more
  • Your large purchase account is interest free for 3 months and flexible with repayments. Schedule your repayments your way weekly, fortnightly, or monthly. One off establishment fee and a $7.95 monthly account fee – waived if your statement closing balanced is paid. You can also try interest free instalment plans for purchases over $300. Learn more or sign up now! 

 Klarna Logo


Shop with Klarna  

  • Pay in 4 over 6 weeks with Klarna. Repayments are every two weeks and automatic. Your first instalment is at purchase. 
  • Interest free payments. No interest and you only pay late fees if necessary! 
  • Use their app for all-in-one service! Track deliveries, get notified about price drops and more. Head to their website to download now! 

Learn more or get the app now at their site!

 Humm Logo


Shop with Humm  

  • Choose between a Little Things or Big Things account. Get up to $2,000 worth of fitness equipment with Little Things or up to $4,000 with Big Things. 
  • Little Things is interest free with no establishment fee. Choose between 5 or 10 fortnightly payments. For 10 fortnightly payments, there is a $8 monthly fee. 
  • Big Things gives you 6 to 60 months to repay. Monthly fee is $8. Comes with an establishment fee. 

Learn more at their website or sign up today! 



Shop with Procuret

  • INSTALLMENT PLANS OF 4-12 MONTHS* - Procuret can be used to pay for single or multiple invoices of products or services.
  • FAST AND SIMPLE PAYMENT PROCESS - The secure online payment process can be completed in 2-minutes with a driver license, ABN and credit/debit card or bank account. Approval is back within 10 minutes.
  • CHOOSE TO PAY IN INSTALLMENTS - Click the option to 'Pay in Installments' on your invoice to start the payment process or to calculate your monthly installment options.

Learn more at their website or sign up today! 

Don’t see your preferred payment method? We have an in-house commercial and corporate finance specialist who can help discuss the option that best suit you.  


For purchases over $5,000, we at Rug and Rig Fitness can offer:  

  • Price match options with market leading rates 
  • Customised loan options based on your financial needs 
  • Easy application and approval within 24 to 48 hours 
  • Start-up business options 
  • No account keeping fee 

How it works  

  1. Contact us at and request a quote. 
  2. Our team will get in touch with you on a quick call to walk you through the application process 
  3. Once approved, signing off on the paperwork and finalising loan
  4. Equipment will be delivered within the next 10 business days 


Have any questions about the above? Just contact our support team at and we can help with any queries!  

Shop with payright


Payright is a provider of buy now, pay later loans which allows you to turn one big payment into easy bite size instalments!

The loans can be up to $7,500 and the repayments can be extended to 24 months to pay. 

The applications must be submitted via our portal and if you are interested and we can assist you with any questions, please drop us an email with your contact details and we will call you.