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Christmas Gift Ideas for Fitness Buffs
It's that time of year when shopping goes into overdrive and we're all hustling to find out what to get everyone on our list. I’m taking a new approach to gifting this year. Let's begin with this year's gift guide for the fitness + health fanatic! Working out at home is one of the most convenient methods to get some exercise into your daily routine. However, with such a large range of home gym equipment available, deciding what is ideal for you and your space may be tough. We've compiled a list of the top home gym equipment to help...
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5 Home Gym Myths, Busted!
  Training from home has never been more popular, with a lot of us being in some sort of lockdown. You will find some kind of training equipment in most people's homes these days. Whether it's a set of dumbbells and skipping rope, to a fully decked out home gym consisting of squat racks, benches and kettlebells. Most of us are getting onboard with the idea of training from home. We have learnt a lot about home gyms in recent years. Today we will debunk the top 5 myths around home gyms. 1. You need a lot of space. A...
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10 Things you need for a Home Gym
  If you are thinking about setting up your home gym, you are not alone! We have a large number of active home gym enthusiast  who are looking to do the same. There are lots of equipments you can find in the market but your budgets are limited. You would want to keep it compact and within your budget. Here are 10 items you need to get started:   1. Dumbbells  2. Kettlebell 3. Pull-up bar 4. Rings 5. Jump rope 6. Medicine ball 7. Plyo-box 8. Barbell 9.Weight plates 10. Music
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