How to Build Your Home Gym Bundle

How to Build Your Home Gym Bundle

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The centre piece of your home gym. Choose from our selection of racks, each with their own unique features. Each of them comes with 1 year warranty and are built for safety and security. Made of steel and completed with a black-powder finish, these racks are meant to last you a lifetime.

The Compact Adjustable Dumbbell Stand for 32KG is a specialised stand for your Compact Adjustable Dumbbells. Weighing 5kg, this unit is 0.75m tall, and 0.65m by 0.59cm when fully assembled. This stand utilises the dumbbell cradle to store them safely. This is only compatible with the 4kg-increment 32kg dumbbells.

The Olympic Bumper Plate Tree is a stand meant to hold all your bars and plates and save space. Weighing 16kg, this unit is 1.28m tall and 0.6m by 0.6m when fully assembled. Featuring 6 storage horns and 4 barbell holders, this tree is perfect for safely storing your equipment.

The 60 X 60 Adjustable Power Rack is our smallest and most popular rack. Weighing 50kg, this rack is 2.06m tall and 1.11m by 1.16m when fully assembled. It gets its name from its 60mm by 60mm thick tubes, highlighting its light weight and compact size.

The Q235 Squat Rack is our safest rack for the price. Weighing 107kg, this rack is 2.3m tall, and 1.25m by 1.5m when fully assembled. It gets its name from its heavy-duty Q235 steel, credited for regularly being used to build bridges. It features 75mm by 75mm tubes, 3mm thick steel tubes.

The Commercial Power Rack is our safest and most versatile rack. Weighing 175kg, this beast is 2.3m tall, and 1.35m by 1.17m when fully assembled. It includes a range of extra features like a multi-grip bar, safety pins and more, and can hold up to 2000kg.


 Rack Accessories



Each rack has different accessories you can add to it. Please be mindful that each accessory may only be compatible with certain racks:





We offer two types of adjustable benches at Rug and Rig Fitness. With a $50 difference, both support decline, flat and incline exercises. These are one of our more versatile items and is easy to construct.

The 10 Angle Adjustable Bench weighs 34kg but includes a handle and wheels for easy manoeuvrability. This bench can hold up to 350kg of weight, and ranges from -30 degrees to 90 degrees. The seat also can be moved. The bench uses a single pin mechanism to control the angle.

The 6 Angle Adjustable Bench weighs 28kg and has a much sleeker design. This bench can hold up to 300kg of weight, and the back can be adjusted from 0 degrees to 90 degrees. The bench uses leverage to lock each angle in place.


 Olympic Barbells



We specialise in Olympic-standard equipment. This means that our barbells are bigger and hardier than standard fitness equipment. They are also coated in chrome to make them last longer. Our bars can hold at least 200kg of weight, and max out at 900kg.

We have two main types: 20kg and 15kg. Both types have rotating collars, and 28mm diameter shafts.

The 20kg Olympic Bars are 2.2m long and feature wide to standard knurling. The sleeves are 42.5cm long and have a diameter of 50mm (suits all Olympic Bumper Plates). We have three options, differing by their weight capacity: 700lbs (300kg), 1500lbs (680kg) and 2000lbs (900kg).

The 15kg Chrome and Competition Bars are 2.01m long, and feature wide to standard knurling. The sleeves are 32cm long, and similarly have a diameter of 50mm. We have two options, differing by their material and weight capacity. The Competition Bar can hold 200kg whilst the Chrome Bar can hold up to 550kg.

You can also grab our Olympic Ez Curl Barbell. These bars are kinder on your wrists, but ultimately much shorter. They can hold up to 225kg and weigh 10kg. They are 1.2m long.


 Olympic Plates



We have three main types of plates - two of which only differ in aesthetic. All plates are sold in pairs. The price quoted to you is for two plates.

Our Fractional Plates are rubber-based and colour-coded according to which weight they are. These plates are for people who are slowly building up their strength and increasing their load, one kilogram at a time. Each plate increment is a slightly different size from each other. They max out at 10cm by 10cm.

White = 0.5kg

Green = 1kg

Yellow = 1.5kg

Blue = 2kg

Red = 2.5kg

The Colour and Black Olympic Bumper Plates are our pride and joy. Made of steel and coated in long-lasting rubber, these plates have been tested to 9000 drops, and fit any Olympic Barbell. At 45cm by 45cm, each plate is the same length and height. However, depending on the type, differs in width, ultimately allowing more variety in weight. Each plate comes with the weight and our logo embossed. The hole diameter of the plate is 50mm.

Grey = 5kg

Green = 10kg

Yellow = 15kg

Blue = 20kg

Red = 25kg


 Free Weights



Here, you can find our dumbbells and kettlebells, in all its forms.

We specialise in adjustable dumbbells - in particular, the Compact Adjustable Dumbbells, which range from 2kg to 32kg, and can increment in sets of 2kg, or 4kg. To change weight, twist the handle until it clicks into place. The 4kg-increment comes in either black or red while the 2kg-increment only comes in red.

If you're looking for solid, single-weight dumbbells, the HEX Dumbbells range in from 2.5kg to 30kg. We offer sizes: 2.5kg, 5kg, 7.5kg, 10kg, 12.5kg, 15kg, 17.5kg, 20kg, 22.5kg, 25kg, 27.5kg and 30kg. These dumbbells are made from steel, with the hex-shaped heads coated in rubber to protect both the dumbbell and your floors.

Finally, our kettlebells range from 8kg to 20kg, incrementing in 2kg: 8kg, 10kg, 12kg, 14kg, 16kg, 18kg and 20kg. They are made from cast iron, and colour-coded for easy identification.





We offer Rubber Flooring or a Yoga Mat. These are meant to protect your floors, and help you maintain your grip when working out.

The Yoga Mat is 5mm thick and is 1.83m by 0.6m when fully unravelled. It weighs 3kg. You will have an easy-grip rubber side and a cork side. The pattern will be visible on the cork side. This environmentally friendly mat is easy to clean and can be used indoors or outdoors.

The Rubber Flooring is 15mm thick and is 1m by 1m. It weighs 18kg. It is fully black on one side, and black with blue dots on the other. They are best used indoors and will protect your floor and your equipment from any damage. If you drop your weights regularly, we recommend investing in flooring to increase product lifetime.





They say, "live for the small things". We say, "workout using the small things".

Here, you can find small accessories for your bundle. These are more compact and decentralised from your usual power rack bundle, but just as useful. There are quite a few different accessories, each with their own unique features.

You can check them out on their product pages by clicking the links below.


 Air Skier



Get your heart pumping with these machines.

The Air Skier is a lightweight machine that copies the motion of a skier to give you a full-body workout. By pulling down and in, you exercise your full body. This machine uses air resistance, but as you get stronger, you can increase the resistance up to 10 times. This machine weighs 32kg and comes with a stand. It can be mounted onto the wall.



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