What are adjustable dumbbells?

What are adjustable dumbbells?

Adjustable dumbbells are changing the way we lift weights on the go. Some are easy and some can be time-consuming to make the adjusted weight on the go. Your standard dumbbells will require you to change the weight by removing the collar, then pulling the weights off, and reinserting the new weight. The adjustable dumbbells are much easier to do with a simple dial system where you can adjust your weight.

Your weights are on the ground or on the shelf. You simply dial the weight you need and remove the dumbbell. Very easy to use and takes up a lot less space. We have found that they are fast and easy to change weights between sets.

What makes them so desirable?

Adjustable dumbbells are fully mobile. You can find a very small space to store them and are ideal for a compact home or a boutique gym. Our sets come with a 24KG unit, generally sold in pairs, and can be incremented by 2.5 kgs. It is a good way to start from small increments and get you to the top. Many of us rather feel good about ourselves when we start to tone up. 

The adjustable dumbbells are currently available and can be purchased from our store. The item is shipped from our Melbourne warehouse and generally shipped on the same business day. 

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