Father's Day Gift Guide: Elevate His Fitness Journey

Father's Day Gift Guide: Elevate His Fitness Journey

Father's Day is quickly approaching, and you know what it entails. It's important to let your dad know how much you value them and how sincerely concerned you are for their well-being.

It’s not easy for fathers to lead healthy lifestyles thanks to work, social and family obligations which make life harder. They must balance work obligations, parenting responsibilities, and find time to spend with their wives, which causes them to be hassled. Our dads' lives are probably significantly impacted by stress.

The proper diet and exercise can help fathers avoid them, so it's crucial to take an interest in doing so. What could be better than getting a home gym set up for your dad? Yes, we can help you set up a nice petite home gym to surprise your dad this Father’s Day.


Make sure to tell your dad that their increased burden, the extra tyre, wrinkles, and gray hair doesn’t matter to us, and we only want to assist them in getting back on the road to health.

Father's Day is a time to honor the men who have shaped our lives. This year, celebrate your dad's health and wellness journey with thoughtful fitness gifts from Rug and Rig. Whether he's a fitness enthusiast or just starting his journey, our curated selection offers the perfect gifts to support his goals.

From below $100 to over $1000, discover the perfect Father's Day gifts that match every budget while celebrating every dad's dedication to health and fitness. Explore now!

1. Under $100:

  • Resistance Bands Set: Boost his workouts with versatile resistance bands that offer varying levels of tension. They're great for strength training, flexibility, and mobility exercises.

  • Rubber Hex Dumbbells: Give your Fit Dad a present that embodies strength and determination. Our Rubber Hex Dumbbells come in a variety of weights and are a flexible complement to any home gym.

2. $100 - $200:

  • Kettlebell Lite Pack: Crafted to elevate his workouts and boost his overall fitness, this bundle is the ideal present for the health-conscious dad.

  • Plyometric Box Wooden: Designed to cater to his fitness needs and provide endless training possibilities, this plyo box is an ideal present for your active and adventurous dad.

3. $200 - $500:

  • Adjustable Dumbbells Set: Designed to empower his fitness journey and offer a space-saving solution, these dumbbells are the perfect present for the dedicated and strong dads out there.

  • Olympic Weight Plate Set: The 80kg Olympic Weight Plate Set includes a range of weight plates that can be easily added or removed from his barbell, allowing him to customize the intensity of his workouts.

4. $500 - $1000:

  • Air Skierg: With smooth gliding motions and adjustable intensity, this unique gift ensures a well-rounded cardio workout that both engaging and effective.

  • Adjustable Dumbbells with 6 angle Bench: This versatile combo allows him to perform a wide range of exercises, from chest presses to leg workouts, all in one convenient package.

5. Over $1000:

Show your appreciation by gifting him something that resonates with his commitment to well-being. Our fitness gear isn't just equipment – it's a gesture of love and support for his journey to a healthier life. Browse Rug and Rig's collection to find the perfect Father's Day gift that aligns with his fitness aspirations. Cheers to his health and happiness!