Making Content For Rug and Rig Fitness

Want to make content for us? Submit yours to get a $50 gift voucher to our store.  



Thanks for your interest in our content creation program!

We’ve created a quick brief on what kind of content we’re looking for, and submission guidelines on what content we can and cannot accept.

This content will be used in our social media, website, and advertising campaigns, and in submitting content, you are giving us permission to post this content.


The content we’re looking for:

We’re looking for video and photo content. This can be reviews, workouts, demonstrations, or informative content about the products.

Don’t be afraid to add creative flair and let us know what you think about Rug and Rig! We’re super interested on how you’ve been able to utilise our equipment after all these lockdowns.

For example, you can record your workout with our products, take a picture (or recording) of your home-gym setup, explain what Rug and Rig has done for you, or even a pan over your home-gym setup with an explanation of what each item is. 

We’re not expecting professional cameras or video editing! If you’re not sure if your idea qualifies, give us a call, or send us an email.



submissions will be checked for quality before being approved.

In general, make sure all content is focused on the products from Rug and Rig Fitness. If you have equipment from other retailers, please avoid featuring them.

For photos, please ensure:

  • It’s not too dark or bright. Try taking a few different pictures and you can send them all to us to evaluate.
  • If product-focused, try to ensure that that the logo (if applicable), or full product is visible.
  • High-quality photos of at least 1000px X 1000px.
  • At least 5 different usable photos.


For videos, please ensure:

  • Audio is clear, and if speaking, your voice is fully understandable.
  • Video isn’t grainy and is high quality. Avoid compressing video (as that affects quality).
  • 30 seconds to 10 minutes in length.


For written content, please ensure:

  • There are links to our website, or the product you are addressing.
  • 300 to 1000 words in length.
  • If you’re posting externally, please let us know beforehand to be eligible for the reward.


Submitting your content:

Please submit to our email

Make sure you record your name and location (both in writing, and if able, in the content). This is to make sure we know it’s from you, and you are a customer at our store!

If you would like us to tag you on social media, feel free to add your socials! We are active on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube and more.

Please note that the $50 gift voucher will only be given after the evaluation process, and the content has been approved.