Q1. Do you have a Warranty on your Gym Equipment ?
1 Year Warranty on all equipment.

Q2. Are online payments safe on your website? 

All online payments are 100% safe and have been backed up by shopify

Q3.How do you compare RUG & RIG products with the market? 
The best thing about all Rug & Rig products is that they are reasonably priced. We imports all our products therefore cutting out the middleman and offering factory direct prices all our customers. Endurance also prides itself on quality offering extended warranty on its products.

Q4. What are the options available for receiving my newly purchased items?
After purchasing items from our online store, you will be prompted with the choice of having the products delivered to your door, or organising a pickup from our  Melbourne Warehouses.

Q5. Will you deliver to upstairs?
Delivering upstairs requires extra assistance and needs to be cleared with the courier company before we can confirm this delivery. Please contact us if you have a delivery with stairs

Q6. Do you have a showroom? Am I able to view your products?
In Melbourne we have a distribution warehouse and viewing can be arranged upon request!

Q7. I have a question about a product. How do I get my question answered?
If you have any enquiries about our  products, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone. Our friendly staff will always be willing to help and provide information, and will be dedicated in providing you 100% customer satisfaction.

Q8. What currency will I be charged in?
All orders are in Australian Dollars (AUD).

Q9. Do you provide installation service for your products?
Yes Installation service can be provided at an extra cost.