Gym Rings | IN STOCK
Gym Rings | IN STOCK
Gym Rings | IN STOCK
Gym Rings | IN STOCK
Gym Rings | IN STOCK
Gym Rings | IN STOCK

Gym Rings | IN STOCK

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Ring workouts build muscle, core strength, stability, and coordination. Study says Intense training with only a few ring exercises can be almost 4 times more effective than dozens of regular gym exercises.


All you need is a place you can hang them and have enough space and clearance to perform all of the exercises that involve the rings while still maintaining a height where you can perform pull-ups with a straight body. We recommend finding a space where you can hang your rings 9-13 feet high.


  • Material- Natural Wood
  • Great for professional athletes and beginners also
  • It's great for pull-ups, chin-ups and dips
  • Dimensions- 32mm X 3.8cm
  • Includes 2 x Wooden Rings & 2 x Nylon Bracing Straps


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