How should you reward yourself for reaching your fitness goals?

How should you reward yourself for reaching your fitness goals?

You’ve done it. You’ve reached your goal. Or maybe not, you’ve just reached a third of it, but you’re feeling really good about it. You’ve challenged yourself and you’ve made yourself proud. You want to reward yourself in some way, but you don’t want to impede your progress.

Here are some small healthy ways to reward yourself:

  1. A nap: take a 2-hour break and clonk out. Or take the morning off and sleep in.
  2. Buy yourself something nice: shoes or activewear to suit your size.
  3. Invite some friends over. Barbeque, snacks, chill.
  4. Take a cooking class and add a new dish to your plan.
  5. A bike. My favourite. Go exploring. Go further.
  6. Some chocolate. Just a little bit.
  7. A fitness journal. Good for tracking your progress as you continue your fitness journey.
  8. Take a day off. Just for yourself.
  9. A massage. Relax a little. Pick one, or two or three.
  10. Head to our Bayswater warehouse to check out a bench or bar.
  11. Bring home a baby succulent. The adorable, highly resilient things.
  12. Get dinner out. Date night!
  13. Or maybe, takeout on the couch. Movie night!
  14. Hot springs. They’re awesome and novel.
  15. Go to that fancy dessert place you’ve been eyeing for three months.
  16. Might just be the pyromaniac in me, but bonfires. Or, you know, candles. That’s safer.
  17. Take a bath. And binge some show.
  18. Pedicure. Mani-pedi.
  19. Share your progress on social media and tag us @rugrigcompactgym
  20. Buy one of our really cool yoga mats.


But maybe you’ve already done this, and it doesn’t feel particularly celebratory. You want to go a little further. Drive it home that you’ve done this, and you can keep going. You’ve made a huge life change and it’s worth it.

So, here are some big healthy ways to reward yourself:

Garage gym.

  1. Build a shed or clean out your garage for your own gym space – garage gym, anyone?
  2. A weekend getaway. For just you, or you and your partner, or even a group.
  3. Clean the house! Move some furniture around. Start fresh.
  4. Buy yourself a rack or bundle to really get started on your next fitness goal.
  5. Engage a nutritionist or physio for advice.
  6. Change your look – hairstyle, maybe a tattoo.
  7. Participate in a charity event or initiative: Steptember, Great Cycle Challenge Australia, etc.
  8. A pet? Cats, dogs, rabbits, turtles. Maybe a garden if you’re not great with animals.
  9. Challenge your friends to a workout plan and do it together!
  10. Volunteer with a charity, convention, or event you’re super interested in.

 Charity run.

These are only a few, and there’s plenty of other ways to stay healthy and happy.

Positive reinforcement is the best way to motivate yourself to keep working out and keep making the best use of your equipment.

If you have other suggestions, comment them down below!

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