Booty Resistance Bands- Set of 3
Booty Resistance Bands- Set of 3
Booty Resistance Bands- Set of 3
Booty Resistance Bands- Set of 3
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Booty Resistance Bands- Set of 3

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We are finally launching Glute Fabric Resistance Bands as part of our newest CrossFit Collection! These Bands come in 3 Different weights in 3 Vibrant colours.


The Resistance bands are made of durable and comfortable cotton textile, with interior silicone strips to prevent slipping and rolling. The band can also be purchased in a set of three that’s got your back for all types of training from strength and mobility training, activating specific muscle groups and providing stability and control in your movements.


The bands are an affordable everyday solution to mix up your home workouts! They can be used to activate, Stimulate, and accentuate all muscle groups and joints including glutes, hips and hamstrings.


  • 3 Varying widths and resistances
  • Easy Identification with different color-coded bands
  • Versatile and easy to use for glutes, hips, legs and hamstrings.
  • Includes a carry bag
  • Colours
    • Blue 
    • Grey 
    • Black 



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