Replicating the gym at experience at home requires gear. If you are thinking about buying gifts for gym junkies it can be a little tricky because they often know exactly what they want. But that doesn't mean its impossible. Here are some of the gift ideas we put together that'll be sure to surprise the fitness freaks!
Goal setting fitness journal
Fitness Log
With the New Year nearly here. It's perfect time to set new goals. Fitness journal may be a great way to help them stay motivated
Beats wireless headphones
Nothing beats a fresh pair of kicks, you cannot go wrong with a pair of headphones. 
Nothing beats a new pair of runners. You cannot go wrong with gifting them their favorite brand.
Meal Prep Containers
A simple but a practical gift idea will require for daily use.
Home Gym Equipment
Adjustable Dumbbells

Adjustable dumbbells are ideal for a home gym as it requires less space and has the ability to change weights using a dial system. 
Bumper plate set
Olympic plate set can be ideal to keep at home for any workout session. The common coating are rubber bumper plates and they can be purchased in black or colored. Rubber is a nice low cost material for this purpose.
The strength training benches are a must for bench presses and can be an ideal workout machine when using with a squat rack.
Olympic lifting bar
Before you buy the bumper plates, you will need a set of bar. For a giant metal toothpick, the barbells open up a world of compound exercises, some of which work literally every muscle in the body.
Squat rack
Squat racks are a smart choice for those who wants to perform safest and easiest way to perform squats and other power lifting exercises. Especially, those who are looking to do heavy lifting.
If you are still uncertain about the gits, the best option is to get them a gift voucher and it may be the best of the both world.